How to Get Over Sexual Performance Anxiety

Some kinds of anxiety might help rather than hurt sexual performance, says a New York doctor who threatened men with a mild electric shock if their erections were too small.

In treating impotent men, “ordinarily one of the goals is to reduce performance anxiety,” said Dr. David Barlow. However, he added, new tests indicate it’s not necessarily the anxiety that needs to be changed but the patient’s way of dealing with it.

Dr. Barlow, of the State University of New York at Albany, says that many impotence cases not connected with physical disease actually should be classified as “social phobias” – the same category that includes such problems as severe stage fright.

In the tests he described, groups of men were shown an erotic movie while instruments measured their physical reactions – erections or lack of them. However, before the movie, some of the men were told they might get a mild electric shock at some point during the movie, some were told nothing and others were told they would get a shock if their erections were too small.

Perhaps surprisingly, the explicitly threatened third group showed the greatest sexual reaction in the tests, which were repeated with several groups, Barlow said. No shocks were actually administered during the movie.

Acknowledging that fear of an electric shock is not identical to fear of embarrassment over sexual failure, he said such test results indicate anxiety can actually stimulate improved performance in sexual situations – just as many have described anxiety-inspired achievements in sports or other competition.

Impotence, or at least part of the share of impotence that’s not disease-related, therefore is probably like other social phobias and is based on a victim’s inability to overcome his worries or use them in a positive manner.

While many people, even when fearful of embarrassment, might still focus on the erotic content of a sexual situation, thereby overriding any physical problems their worries might cause, social phobia victims would concentrate only on irrelevant or negative things such as “how humiliated they’re going to be,” Barlow said.

In the tests, he said, sexually healthy men apparently reacted to the threat of a shock by concentrating even more than they otherwise might have on the erotic images of the movie – or perhaps by putting more effort into sexual fantasies – rather than shying away in fear. “Sexually dysfunctional individuals are acutely anxious and morbidly sensitive to criticism and humiliation not only before sexual relations but even in neutral settings if erotic cues are present,” he said. “They are erotophobic.”

He said typical treatments for people with social phobias include drugs that regulate heartbeat or behavioral therapy to try and train patients to react in more productive ways to whatever is at the heart of their phobias.

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