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What is VigRx Plus?


My sexual problems began once I hit 40 years of age. Before that I never thought about male enhancement pills. I had never heard of VigRx Plus.

When I started to notice that my erections weren’t as hard as they used to be, I did some research and found out that this is pretty common for older men.

In fact, half of all men aged 40 and over have some problems getting and maintaining an erection—otherwise known as erectile dysfunction. (Take this quiz to see if you suffer from erectile dysfunction).

erectile dysfunction

I still loved my wife and was very attracted to her sexually. The problem was that my penis just wouldn’t cooperate—which is one of the most frustrating things a man can experience.

My wife was very supportive and patient, but it was clear that she was secretly disappointed with my performance in the bedroom.

erectile dysfunction

Would she turn elsewhere for sex? Did she still love me? These are the kind of crazy thoughts I began having.

Once you begin thinking about and worrying about sex it’s extremely difficult to get an erection. Anxiety and sex do not go together!

My confidence was totally shot and I felt pretty depressed.

So I Decided to Take Action!

VigRx Plus

I first heard about the natural male enhancement product called VigRx Plus because a doctor that I respect recommended it.

His name is Dr. Steven Lamm.

I first came across Dr. Lamm because I read a book he wrote about male sexual health called The Hardness Factor.

Dr. Lamm teaches at New York University Medical Center. He is also the medical correspondent for the Emmy award-winning television program “The View.” (You can watch a video of Dr. Lamm on “The View” here).

Clearly, Dr. Lamm is a well-respected and accomplished professional. I figured that he wouldn’t risk his reputation endorsing some kind of snake-oil product.

Here’s what Dr. Lamm says about VigRx Plus:

“The manufacturer of VigRx Plus has taken only the most powerful herbal ingredients that are famous for elevating sexual ability and, through careful scientific research and testing, created a truly effective natural formula that will help most men who suffer from age-related erectile dysfunction.”

No other male enhancement product has such a well-respected doctor giving that kind of endorsement. So I decided to give VigRx Plus a chance.

Did VigRx Plus Help Me? My Personal Results


I’m very happy to report that VigRx Plus did indeed help me!

After taking the pills for a while, I definitely began to see an increase in both sexual desire and performance. I was much firmer during sex and was able to last much longer than before.

What a relief! Sex is no longer a major source of anxiety—not just for me but for my wife. I honestly think our sex life is better than ever right now.

I do have one regret, though, and that is that I didn’t start using VigRx Plus sooner!

One of the most appealing things about VigRx Plus is that it is 100% natural. This means that it doesn’t have any kind of side effects.

That’s the main problem with a lot of prescription medications that treat impotence—the side effects can be really annoying.

side effects

For example, many users of Viagra have complained about side effects including headaches, stomach pains, stuffy noses, rapid heartbeats, and facial flushing. Not to mention that over 2,000 men have died while under the influence of Viagra!

I know someone who uses Viagra and his face gets so flushed and red after taking it that he refuses to leave the house because he’s afraid someone might see him and know what he’s been up to. His face stays red for hours!

VigRx Plus Combines Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science

VigRx Plus contains a variety of natural ingredients that have been shown to stimulate the sexual system. For many centuries, people around the world have used natural ingredients to cure all kinds of physical ailments, including erectile dysfunction.

herbal healer

The men and women who made these natural medicines were considered healers. They were highly respected, and their knowledge was carefully passed down through the generations.

Sadly, much of this ancient wisdom has been long forgotten, or ignored by Western medicine.

Today, instead of using natural remedies, many people turn to pharmaceutical drugs to try and solve their problems. Aside from the unpleasant side effects, do we really know what we’re doing to our bodies long-term when we consume these synthetic chemicals?

The great thing about the ingredients in natural remedies like VigRx Plus is that they are completely safe and don’t have any kind of side effects.

herbs for impotence

The herbal ingredients found in VigRx Plus are holistic. This means they help your “whole” body function more effectively. After all, the systems in our bodies are highly interconnected. What’s good for one part of the body is good for another.

herbs in VigRx Plus

I find it interesting that since I started taking VigRx Plus, I’ve been feeling sharper mentally. My mood is much better. And I haven’t had a cold in a long time!

For all these reasons, alternative medicines are getting more popular these days. People are increasingly reluctant to put synthetic chemicals into their bodies, and who can blame them?

Even reputable health experts like Dr. Steven Lamm are telling their patients to try natural medications like VigRx Plus instead of drugs to cure erectile dysfunction.

Now, the problem with a lot of natural male enhancement products is they’re totally fake. Scams. Snake-oil. And just try to get your money back. No chance.

VigRx Plus is totally legit. The company that manufactures it has been around for over 15 years. They work hard to resolve any complaints and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

But what if you buy VigRx Plus and decide you don’t like it? Don’t worry, you won’t have wasted your money.

money back guarantee

You can try VigRx Plus risk-free for up to 60 days. Even if you’ve used up all the pills you can still return the box and get a full refund.

And if customers were getting stiffed you can be sure the company wouldn’t be getting an A+ from the Better Business Bureau!

Please note: If you want to be eligible for the money-back-guarantee, you must buy VigRx Plus from the official website. And by clicking on the banner below, you’ll save an additional 10%.

My Final Thoughts on the Subject

If you’re having sexual issues, my advice is to try something natural first. For the majority of men, a high-quality male enhancement product like VigRx Plus is all they need.

There’s nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, simply get a full refund. Then you can go to a doctor and maybe try to get a prescription for a pharmaceutical solution.

sexually satisfied woman

In my opinion, VigRx Plus is the best male enhancement product you can buy without a prescription. I truly believe there’s an excellent chance that you will be satisfied with the results.

Also check out my reviews of two other male enhancement products from the company that makes VigRx Plus:VigRx Oil and VigRx Delay Spray.

Erectile Dysfunction Quiz

erectile dyfunction quiz

This quiz will quickly determine whether you suffer from any form of erectile dysfunction, and how severe that dysfunction is.

There are just six questions. Try to answer the questions as honestly as you can. Then simply add up your scores and find out what the final tally means after the quiz.


In the last 30 days, how often were you able to achieve an erection when engaging in sexual activity? Sexual activity includes intercourse, foreplay, and masturbation.

5 points: Always, or nearly always
4 points: More than half the time
3 points: About half the time
2 points: Less than half the time
1 point: Almost never
0 points: no sexual activity

sexy woman


In the last 30 days, when you achieved an erection through some form of sexual stimulation (which could include pornography) was your erection hard enough for penetration?

5 points: Always, or nearly always
4 points: More than half the time
3 points: About half the time
2 points: Less than half the time
1 point: Almost never
0 points: Never


black ass

In the last 30 days, how often did you have a hard enough erection to achieve penetration during sexual intercourse?

5 points: Always, or nearly always
4 points: More than half the time
3 points: About half the time
2 points: Less than half the time
1 point: Almost never
0 points: Never


In the last 30 days, how often were you able to maintain your erection after penetrating your partner during intercourse?

5 points: Always, or nearly always
4 points: More than half the time
3 points: About half the time
2 points: Less than half the time
1 point: Almost never
0 points: Never

orgasm woman


In the last 30 days, how often were you able to complete the sexual intercourse? In other words, penetrate your partner, maintain an erection during intercourse, and then have an orgasm during penetration?

5 points: Always, or nearly always
4 points: More than half the time
3 points: About half the time
2 points: Less than half the time
1 point: Almost never
0 points: Never



In the last 30 days, how would you rate your confidence in your ability to achieve and maintain an erection?

5 points: Very confident
4 points: Confident
3 points: Somewhat confident
2 points: Not especially confident
1 point: Not confident
0 points: No chance at all

What Does Your Score Mean?

If you scored 25 – 30 points, you don’t suffer from any kind of erectile dysfunction. You probably have a pretty great sex life!

erectile dysfunction score

On the other hand, if you scored between 0 – 6 points then you should see a doctor about your condition.

But if you scored anywhere between 7 – 24 points then you suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

This means you’re a perfect candidate for a natural male enhancement product like VigRx Plus.

VigRx Plus is a 100% natural male enhancement pill designed to boost sexual performance in men who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. (Click image below to visit official website).

VigRx Plus

An in-depth study conducted by Vedic Lifesciences reported that men who took the recommended dosages of VigRx Plus for 84 days showed:

• A 58.97% increase in their ability to penetrate their partner during sexual intercourse.

• A 62.82% increase in their ability to keep an erection during penetration.

You can download the complete study here.

Vedic Life Science

In addition, VigRx Plus is the only natural male enhancement product to be endorsed by a doctor as legitimate as Dr. Steven Lamm.

Dr. Lamm is the medical director of New York University’s Center for Men’s Health. He also appears frequently as a medical expert on the Emmy Award-Winning TV show “The View.”

In his endorsement of VigRx Plus, Dr. Lamm says that when you use VigRX Plus “you can be sure that you are finally getting the best possible combination of natural ingredients designed to stimulate your sexual system. As a medical doctor I am very suspicious of the hundreds of natural male enhancement products on the market today. But after careful consideration of VigRx Plus I can confidently recommend it to any man who suffers from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.”

The company that manufactures VigRx Plus was founded in the year 2000 and currently receives an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. This kind of reputation is virtually unheard of in the male enhancement industry.

You have 67 days to try the product out. If you don’t like it for any reason simply return the empty packages and get a full refund. No questions asked!

If you want to find out how to get an additional 10% off your order, please read my more detailed review of VigRx Plus.

Video Resources

Here are some fun and interesting videos about male sexual health. The first two feature Dr. Steven Lamm. Then there’s a fascinating interview with an expert on plant-based medicines.

The last two are a funny Australian commercial about taking care of your “little fella” and a video featuring the “Top 10 Weird Alternatives to Viagra”. Enjoy!

video resources

Dr. Steven Lamm on “The View”

The hosts of “The View” discuss erectile dysfunction and other male sexual issues with Dr. Steven Lamm.

This video is well-worth watching, especially in the beginning when Dr. Lamm discusses how erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of more serious health issues. (There is an annoying ad that sometimes appears on the bottom of the video. It is not affiliated with this website).

Dr. Steven Lamm’s Endorsement of VigRx Plus

Here is Dr. Lamm again, this time in a marketing video promoting VigRx Plus.

It is worth noting that Dr. Lamm is putting his considerable reputation on the line by endorsing VigRx Plus. He clearly believes that VigRx Plus is a legitimate product that can help men suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Chris Kilham on MNBC

Chris Kilham is a promoter of plant-based medicines. He is the founder of Medicine Hunter, Inc. and is a Professor of Ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts.

This is a fascinating interview about the benefits of natural medicines compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

While Chris Kilham doesn’t talk specifically about VigRx Plus in this video, many of the natural ingredients he discusses are contained in the VigRx Plus formula.

Australian Commercial About Impotence

This is a very funny Australian commercial promoting male sexual health. It makes an important point with a light touch.

Top 10 Weird Alternatives to Viagra

This is an, um, interesting video about the various things men have done throughout history to get an erection.

It’s a well-made video that shows the extreme lengths men will go to in order to get hard!

I’ll try to post more videos if I come across anything interesting.

Thanks for watching!