Xanogen Review 2017 – UPDATE! I Do Not Recommend Xanogen Anymore

Do NOT buy Xanogen. It’s a scam. Want to know why?

Because the makers of this product consistently claim that Xanogen pills can make your penis bigger.

Sorry, but no pills can make your penis bigger. It’s impossible. Claims like this are huge red flags.

The Xanogen website is full of testimonials from men claiming these pills caused 2 inch gains in penis length, or more. These testimonials are obviously fake, so why should you believe anything else on the Xanogen website?

Try VigRx Plus Instead

If you’re looking for a legitimate product then I’d definitely go with VigRx Plus.

VigRx is made by a very reputable company that’s been around for over a decade. There are no claims on the VigRx website that it will make your penis bigger, or bogus testimonials.

Click image to read more about VigRx Plus at the official website

There’s real scientific evidence that VigRx Plus works. A remarkable study showed that men who took VigRx Plus achieved harder erections than men who were given a placebo.

You can read the results of this study here.

This study was originally published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal called BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Then it was republished in The US National Library of Medicine as well as The National Institute of Health.

You can’t get any more legitimate than this!

And VigRx Plus is endorsed by real doctors (which Xanogen isn’t—another red flag).

For example, VigRx Plus is endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm, who teaches at the prestigious New York University Medical Center and is the health correspondent for the Emmy award-winning show “The View.” He’s also the author of a popular and well-respected book on male sexuality called The Hardness Factor.

You can read Dr. Lamm’s full endorsement and find out all kinds of other information about VigRx Plus at the official website HERE.

And there’s a code on the banner I’ve placed below which gets you 10% off any purchase.

Can Anything Make Your Penis Bigger?

As to making your penis bigger, the only non-surgical way to permanently do this is by using a penis extender.

This is a device you attach to your penis and it gently pulls your penis over time. You have to be patient and disciplined about wearing it, but a penis extender will definitely work.

If you’re going to try a penis extender, you might as go with the best. SizeGenetics is considered the “Rolls Royce” of extenders. It’s made from such high quality materials that it’s actually considered a medical device.

You can read more about SizeGenetics (and even learn how to get it for free) at the official website HERE.

Here’s a video which shows how SizeGenetics works. It includes a promo code that will give you $50 off your purchase.

What is Xanogen?

Xanogen is a leading natural male enhancement product that claims it can improve a man’s sexual performance. Xanogen contains a powerful herbal formula that works to increase testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis, creating rock hard erections.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It controls a lot of things, including the sexual system. Our levels of testosterone are highest when we’re teenagers. Remember that time? When you had an unquenchable desire for sex and erections upon demand?

It’s a shame that our testosterone levels decline as we get older. It’s the same thing with athletes. When they’re young they’re stronger and faster. That’s because of higher testosterone levels. Then, once athletes get into their thirties, testosterone levels start to decrease. Next thing you know, athletes are retiring.

But you don’t want to retire from having sex, do you? So what can you do?

Well, you can do what a lot of men do—take a natural sex booster like Xanogen. Xanogen male enhancement pills contain herbs that naturally stimulate your body into producing more testosterone. This basically turns back your biological clock to when you were younger—and more sexually potent.

But that’s not all Xanogen does. Xanogen pills also contain herbs that dilate the blood vessels and relax the walls of your penis so more blood can flow into it. More blood into the penis means a harder and longer lasting erection.

Xanogen results include a stronger libido, harder erections, and more sexual stamina. It can take some time for the ingredients to build up in the system, so patience is necessary. But you will start to feel some results pretty quickly. Eventually you’ll begin to experience the full Xanogen effect!

Are there negative Xanogen side effects? No, because the ingredients are all 100% natural. Xanogen isn’t a pharmaceutical drug that you need a prescription for. Those kinds of drugs often have bad side effects.

That’s the beauty of natural herbs—they’re good for you. The herbs in Xanogen pills not only have a positive effect upon the sexual system, but they’re good for the whole body. This is what a “holistic” cure means.

Does Xanogen work? Here are some testimonials from real users. These Xanogen reviews are really pretty amazing:

“I was always average in size, so naturally I wanted to be bigger. After using Xanogen, I’m now almost two inches larger. My erections are harder and I can keep an erection for as long as I desire. My sexual partner thinks Xanogen is the best stuff ever!”
-D. W. Austin, Texas

“I wish I had started taking Xanogen years ago! I’ve gained more than two inches in length. My sex life is now honeymoon quality—all the time. It’s been a while since my wife has begged for sex, but that’s what she does now. I’m pushing 50 but I feel like I’m 20!”
-S. T., Seattle, Washington

What Are the Ingredients in Xanogen?

Xanogen ingredients contain a variety of natural herbs, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. They include:

Horny Goat Weed: This famous Chinese herb is known for increasing blood flow. A study done a few years ago showed that the active ingredient in this herb has many similar properties to Viagra.

L-arginine: This is an amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is very important for sex as it basically enlarges blood vessels and allows more blood to flow into the penis.

Maca: Another well-known herb in Xanogen is maca. This has been used for centuries in South America to increase libido, stamina, and erection strength.

Yohimbe: Xanogen also contains yohimbe, a somewhat controversial ingredient. It’s controversial because while it’s effective at reducing male impotence, some studies show that there might be some adverse side effects, such as rapid heartbeat and facial flushing.

There are many other important ingredients in Xanogen, but this is just a sampling. You can find a more complete list on their website.
If you’re wondering “where can I buy Xanogen” the answer is only online. You can’t buy it in stores like Walmart of GNC. Xanogen male enhancement pills also come with a 60 day money back guarantee.


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